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“Your presence and impact was very positive as you constantly sought to go beyond what was expected as well as thinking of creative ways to understand customer issues and resolve them.”

— Kevin Hamilton, GE Aviation Sub-Section Manager

“Thomas Scott has an MS from Stanford and has a doctorate in Aerospace Engineering (Rocket Scientist) as well as attending Cornell to pursue his MBA with me in 2012. I there learned that he is the most talented human being on earth. Therefore a perfect addition to the team. ”

— Jason Spencer, CEO Student Loan Relief

“Fenix Specialty Products is a recent start-up providing sanitary, abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant products to a diverse market.

Thomas was brought in to review the business plan and map the future direction for Fenix. Thomas helped establish the mission of Fenix and counseled me to remain focused on my core business rather than chasing multiple products that were a distraction. Thomas challenged me to establish an effective sales channel resulting in a substantial sales increase. He drilled into me to constantly calculate the ROI of all my expenses.

My long term plan is to revolutionize my industry, and Thomas authored a plan to obtain SBA and VC investment, which is currently under review by these entities.

No matter the country, Thomas is able to contribute. During a recent trip to China, he used his network to arrange meetings with CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) and several VC sources. During this trip, he assisted in evaluating suppliers and in the preliminary negotiations for the purchase of a US business by a Taiwanese company.

Thomas has been a valuable asset to Fenix Specialty Products and has certainly proven his worth. ”

— Dale Dunlap, CEO Fenix Specialty Products

“We engaged Red Line Consulting early in the start-up phase to help generate a robust business plan, provide financial modeling and advise on business structure. The support was excellent throughout the process, whether it was running what/if scenarios on debt structure, providing guidance on real estate or supporting meetings with lenders. Thanks in large part to the experts at Red Line, we received over six figures in startup capital and are on our way to profitability.”

— Matt Sampson, CEO Sampson Light Industry

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