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Concurrence Driven Project Management

After the PMO Director was let go at CDI Aerospace the Quality Manager assigned to clean out the former PMO Director's office brought in a huge PM BOK Certification manual. With no Project Management Director I figured I should learn something about what formally certified PMs study.


Two things quickly became apparent.

First, most of it is all common sense; know who has to go first and know who is supposed to do what by when. 

Second, this large book explained what to do conceptually not how to actually accomplish the task in real life.

Concurrence based project management is a culmination of my experience working with traditional Gantt charts and the Airbus Unified Planning (UP) system.

No tool is a miracle for getting PM right, the right PM tool builds on a positive corporate culture and facilitates engagement and ownership throughout the organization.

Red Line Consulting works to build a PM system that works for your organization. "Works" is defined by reducing risk, increasing transparency, and providing a real monitor of progress toward competition compared to time and money spent.

Download the Project Management white paper

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