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Q: Why do you charge an initial consultation fee?

A: We take each client seriously and are investing in the relationship from the beginning.  Some clients are really coming to a consultant because they seek a "trusted adviser" or "mentor" and one conversation is sufficient to meet their near-term needs. We enjoy helping, but have to consider the opportunity costs.

Q: What if I am not close to one of your offices?

A: All of our team has extensive experience with virtual meetings. Many times meeting virtually removes external distractions and enhances focus. For significant projects travel to your business site(s) may be required.

Q: Can I have a list of all your clients?

A: We respect our clients' confidentiality and do not provide a client list. Some clients have agreed to be listed on our webpage.

Q: Are you hiring? How do I apply?

A: We believe a key part of being able to develop strong client relationships is commonality of experience with our clients. For this reason, we look for Executive MBA grads from top tier schools. If you fit these requirements we would love to hear from you. Please use the Contact Us page.

Q: Why don't you list software pricing on the website?

A: Software is customized for each of our clients. Right now we are focused on providing a very competitive price and the best service while making sure our team feels valued every week.

We also hope our corporate clients share our values and understand that supporting non-profits and NGO's is part of being a good corporate citizen and respect our willingness to over a low price, lower functionality version of Office Andon to those helping the world be a better place.

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